Houston Paper

When a single sheet of paper has the thickness of less than 1 millimeter, even a “hefty” stack of papers and documents may not amount to much space, and it may seem fine to leave documents and other papers strewn about your office space. After time, however, the load of documents that can amass around your company isn’t just an inconsequential mess. The reality is you have a number of different moral and legal obligations to properly dispose of your internal business documents.

Obligation to your customer

A fundamental tenet of any successful business is excellent customer care and service. Your customer, client, or patient should feel secure when providing you with personal or financial information, as long as they know your business or firm employs a respected, professional shredding service to dispose of their information once it is no longer needed. Anyone hesitant about releasing information or concerned things like private or medical information will be used improperly or kept beyond its use should know their information is protected and safe from misuse. Following proper guidelines for document destruction helps create an atmosphere of company responsibility and will bolster the relationship between you and your customer.

Obligation to the law

Due to the unfortunate but steady increase of identity theft and corporate crime, the government has taken policy measures and implemented legislation to demand the security and confidentiality of personally identifiable information, and, furthermore, to classify failure to protect such information as crimes under various circumstances. In turn, you not only have an obligation to your customer to provide them with the comfortable service they deserve, you also have an obligation to the law to follow guidelines for document destruction. With proper legislation in place, designed to prevent identity theft, shredding documents is essential to preventing misuse of your clients and customers sensitive information.

Obligation to yourself

No matter what, as a business owner or executive, you want to ensure you are are doing everything you can to protect the interests of your company. In order to safeguard your company against legal problems and corporate competition crimes, and simply have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your sensitive data is protected, employ a corporate paper shredding service. This way, you know the job is done - and there are no questions asked. Collect your paperwork, schedule a service appointment, and receive proof the job has been done up to code.

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