Mobile Shredding

Who “Else” Can Benefit From Mobile Shredding Services: Part 1

Documents that contain sensitive, personal information exist in most every sector of social and business life. Once you realize this, the next step is to understand paper shredding is not just a moderate luxury for your home office or something companies can avoid. While the idea of a professional paper shredding service may seem unnecessary to some, it is something that can benefit all sorts of companies and institutions. Here we’ll discuss businesses “other" than typical shredding clients like banks, legal firms, medical offices, and big corporations that can take advantage of a mobile shredding service and take care of their document destruction needs without leaving the office.

Schools and universities

With so much information going around university campuses—social, financial, medical, educational, and personal—it is imperative all the documents involved in campus and student administration are disposed of properly. College campuses can seem like a carnival for identity thefts, with so much information about so many different people floating around everywhere. On top of that, life for the college student can be stressful and hectic at times, which means students may not always think to dispose of their documents properly. Likewise, another type of crime common to some schools is plagiarism; just like identity thefts can sort through trash to find credit card or social security information, essays and reports tossed into the trash without shredding can be stolen just as easily and submitted as someone else's work.

A good way to combat the ills that can result from the hustle and bustle of paper-pertinent college life is to offer mobile shredding services for students and departments. Many campuses already offer services like this and they have benefited the campus greatly, not only to combat the possibility of negative consequences for students, but also to reduce the inevitably large amounts of paper that accumulate at a college in a secure, efficient way. A shredding truck can go from department to department, dorm building to dorm building, or classroom to classroom, destroying documents and files as requested. At the same time, your campus can become more secure and environmentally conscious!

Care services

Just like college campuses require a wealth of information about all aspects of a person’s life, places that deal with children, like camps, daycares, and elementary schools are bound to collect a great deal of paperwork on its ever-evolving population of clients. Businesses that deal with kids, the elderly, or the mentally ill may be especially prone to identity theft because those particular demographics are less likely to realize their information has been compromised, or handled in an unsafe manner.

For this reason these types of businesses can benefit greatly from a mobile shredding service service that destroy documents on-site. With tons of files from current clients and a large history of past clients on-hand, there will always be valuable information that is best destroyed to protect the information from being misused and mishandled.