Four Reasons Mobile Shredding May be Right for Your Company

There’s no denying paper shredding is the right way to dispose of paper waste in today’s business world. It reduces waste in landfills, prevents identity theft, protects your clients’ personal information, and takes the chore of proper waste disposal off your hands, saving you time and money. Some businesses send their paper waste out for paper shredding while others use mobile shredding services that come right to their door. There are a number of reasons to choose mobile shredding services over delivery of your paper waste to an off-site location.

  • If you have multiple locations such as several offices or multiple stores throughout the city, it’s impractical to coordinate the delivery of sensitive documents to a variety of locations for proper shredding and make sure you get the appropriate certificates of destruction you need. Instead, you can arrange with one mobile shredding company to visit all of your locations. It simplifies things for you and saves you the hassle of trying to make sure someone from each location gets the documents delivered to the right shredding site.

  • Some businesses, such as law firms, occasionally due work “off site.” If you take on an assignment for a corporation where part of your staff is working long-term at another location, you may need to destroy documents at the end of a particular project. For instance, law firms sometimes send a team of attorneys to work in-house for a period of months for major corporations to handle lawsuits. At the end of the process, some documents may require proper disposal. Rather than dragging all of your paperwork back to the home office and running the risk of misplacing or losing them on the way, a mobile shredding will come to you.

  • Mobile shredding may be the best way for you to guarantee your customers the peace of mind they need. If you routinely handle sensitive personal and financial information for customers, being able to oversee the destruction of documents personally is an added measure of security for your company. 

  • You may have sensitive internal documents you can’t trust to internal personnel. During periodic purges, you may need to destroy human resources information, payroll documents or other information you wouldn’t want to hand over to lower level staff to shred because it will reveal employee information you don’t want to share. Studies have shown when employees know too much information about others’ salaries or personal information it leads to tension, discord, and rivalries in the workplace, making mobile shredding is a more diplomatic solution for destroying internal documents.

If any of these sounds like a good reason for your company to use a mobile shredding service, contact On-Site Shred for more information.