Onsite Shredding

In a technological age when identity theft abounds, and a variety of industries where protection and security matter more than ever, no one can afford to be liberal or hasty with the destruction of sensitive materials. Documents that have had a positive impact on your business could have a negative impact if located by the wrong people, and it is crucial they are disposed of properly. Would it make any sense to devote countless hours and dollars to building a successful business only to have it undermined when a thief gains control over sensitive data and compromises your company? Of course not.

The primary benefit of onsite shredding is the security that comes with being absolutely positive any document containing valuable information will not fall into the wrong hands, and knowing your company is protected. In addition, the care involved in the onsite shredding process ensures no aspect of the document destruction process is overlooked and that your data is properly destroyed. The technology and employees who handle your documents are all part of a professional team using a proprietary process that ensures your documents are shredded properly and the information contained in those documents is safe from theft.

The level of security offered by onsite shredding can not be matched by other document destruction alternatives. While securing documents in safe deposit boxes and the like is sometimes seen as a definitive way to guard against valuable information being exploited, there are many cases where this type of security has been breached by creative thieves. Even when using “reliable” offsite shredding services, there is an element of uncertainty because you can’t experience the destruction process firsthand. If you want to avoid the paranoia that comes with lack of control over your own destiny, onsite shredding is a natural choice for you and your company.