Cutting Paper & Ink Costs Down to Size

The cost of paper and ink for your office is more than you think. If you were to fill your car’s tank with printer ink, it would cost you about $100,000 at today’s ink prices. The cost of using paper is just as severe, especially when you consider the average office worker uses a sheet of paper every twelve minutes. Moreover, with office workers using paper as they please, it’s no surprise onsite shredding companies are enjoying a high-demand for their services. These companies destroy old files containing reams of obsolete paper every day, a testament to how much we print that is unnecessary. 

There are steps your business can take to cut paper and ink costs. Putting the suggestions below together in a short memo and sending it to your employees (in an email memo, of course – no printing required) can jump-start your savings.

Use Draft Mode as your default.  Eighty percent of documents a business prints are for internal use.  Draft mode printing uses much less ink and is just as legible, so consider using it as your default print setting.  When you occasionally want a crisp, dark print for formal correspondence, switch to normal print mode. 

Use every inch of your paper.  Printing on both sides of your paper saves significant money.  Invoices, packing slips, and correspondence can all be printed on both sides, saving money not only on paper, but on postage and shipping as well. Resetting your margins is also effective. An extra half-inch on the sides, top, and bottom doesn’t sound like much, but it will save the average office worker 475 sheets of paper a year.

Scale down your font.  You may have chosen particular fonts for their aesthetic value, but it’s time to rethink them if they are ink hogs. Eliminate fonts with lots of embellishment and stick with simple, clean ones. Scaling down by one or two points will also make a difference in time, but will likely go unnoticed by readers.

Stick with black and white.  Black and white printing is less expensive than color printing. Why spend more money on colored inks when the words are the focus?  Sometimes people like to use flashy color trimmings, but stick with black ink whenever you can; let words do the persuasion.

Use refillable ink cartridges.  There are reliable companies that will refill your ink cartridges at a very reasonable price. You’ll not only save money on your ink, you’ll be helping the environment by putting fewer spent cartridges into landfills. Do some research online and call around for a few quotes.

Preview.  The average office worker reprints one in every four print jobs because he or she finds a mistake after it is printed. Reading a document in print preview to see how the final version will look helps avoid printing all those wasted copies.

Recycle.  You can’t eliminate all paper use from your office, but you can dispose of paper properly by shredding onsite and avoid adding to the mass of the landfills. Onsite shredding companies dispose of old paper by destroying it and sending it to a recycling facility where it will be used to make new paper products.
Also, when you work working with shredding companies to reduce paper waste in your office, you can also take pride in doing something to help the environment.