Paper Recycling Houston

Don’t Neglect Paper Recycling at Your Business

Businesses today are striving to be more conscious of how they treat the environment in both large and small ways. One of the simplest things you can do at your office is paper recycling. Just about every office generates an incredible amount of paperwork, from post-it notes and memos to huge files full of years of old client records. Although these papers serve a purpose at some point, most have a relatively short shelf life. Records are now routinely backed up on computers or stored off-site on servers. 

Recycling the stacks of loose paper that accumulate in your office each week may have more impact than any other form of recycling you can do simply because of the sheer volume of material you handle.  In fact, the average business produces over a pound of waste paper per employee every day! Paper recycling can prevent most of those mounds of waste paper from ending up in land fills.  Instead, the recycled paper can be used to make paper products or corrugated cardboard, so fewer trees are cut down to make new products.

Paper Recycling Options

If you have a small business with just a few employees, you may be able to arrange for curbside pickup through a local paper recycling program. But be sure you shred all documents before putting them out for recycling to protect sensitive information. There is always the chance someone could look through recycling bins sitting on a curb. You can invest in a high quality document shredder for your office, just be sure your employees get into the habit of always using it.

Medium and larger offices can hire a shredding service and take care of two birds with one stone.

A document shredding service like On-Site Shred in Houston can professionally shred large quantities of documents and deliver the remains to paper recycling facilities. This option not only takes care of the shredding process (saving you time and money), it also provides safe, reliable delivery of the shredded documents directly to the recycling plant. To learn more about how your company can combine paper recycling efforts with document safety, visit