Are you trashing your security?

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Unfortunately, we live in a world where bad people are intent on doing good people harm.  One of the ways they accomplish this is through identity theft.  If you are discarding the following;

  • receipts
  • business correspondence
  • credit and employment applications
  • bank statements
  • checks/money orders
  • IRS-related documents
  • employee files
  • personal files
  • medical records
  • junk mail
  • email/hard copy correspondence

in a trash receptacle, then you are putting yourself, and your clients security in severe jeopardy.  The only acceptable practice of disposal is through paper shredding.  Penalties against businesses who violate Texas’ identity theft provisions are substantial.  The reason for these strict new laws is clear: They help protect millions of Texans from becoming the next victims of identity theft.  On-Site Shred is Houston’s premiere paper shredding company.  Let us work with you to develop a program that is cost effective and meets the security needs of your business.