Bad Economy? All the More Reason To Shred Carefully

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Times are tough for everyone these days. The market is down. Unemployment is up. Many people are finding themselves in tough financial positions – positions they never thought they’d see.


One by-product of a bad economy is an increase in crime. During this recession, that means an increase in identity theft. It’s now more common than ever to have your identity stolen, whether it’s someone taking out a credit card in your name or in more extreme examples, having someone take over your entire identity and set up house in a different state.


The easiest and most common form of identity theft comes from someone stealing your personal information from the documents that come into your home. Bank statements have enough personal information in them for someone to get a head start on stealing your identity. Credit card statements are the same way. Unsolicited credit card offers are a common way for a thief to capture your identity and begin to rack up big bills in your name.


What can you do? You can be careful with what you do with those papers and that information. Every household should own a document shredder. And every household should use that shredder on a daily or weekly basis. Junk mail soliciting you to join or buy or take out credit should be shredded. Bank statements should be shredded. Credit card statements should be shredded. Invoices or statements from the doctor’s office should be shredded. Any document that has personal information about you or your family members should be put through a paper shredder.


What about those documents you’ve been saving? It’s common for people to keep paper files of these sorts of documents. Most people keep them in a working file for a year and then archive them in some way. They can be put in a box and put in the attic or kept in a file cabinet in the storage room. Most people have a backlog of paper files that they no longer need. What should be done with those?


Personal paper shredders do a good job with a few documents at a time. But for the big jobs? Those files from 1989 that you’ve been meaning to get rid of? Often, it’s a good idea to turn to a document shredding company. Document shredding companies offer residential service on an occasional basis. If you have a large quantity of paper shredding to do, it’s often quicker and more economical to have a professional shredding service come and take care of your shredding needs. Houston Shredding is one such company that offers residential as well as commercial shredding services. Professional shredding companies are a safe and efficient way to dispose of your documents. Those documents can then go through paper recycling in a safe fashion.


Keeping up with the day-to-day shredding is more important than ever in this economy. And shredding large quantities of documents needs to be done safely. Consulting a professional paper shredding company can save you lots of time and trouble down the road and it can help you keep your identity safe.