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We’ve all read stories in the newspaper or heard stories on the news about the personal information of some people being compromised. Someone’s laptop was stolen and a database of personal information was on the hard drive. Someone else’s personal information was stolen from the database of a business. But it would seem that those thefts are the exception rather than the rule. Most identity theft we hear about tends to be individual. We hear about the woman whose mail was stolen from her mailbox and the thief applied for a credit card in her name. We hear about the neighbor whose house was broken into and his personal information was stolen and he is still trying to unravel the mess the thieves made of his financial life. Many people are now using a personal shredder as a way to protect themselves from individual identity theft.


Identity theft can occur on many different levels and there are many different ways to protect yourself, whether you’re an individual or a company. Whether you’ve got a small business or a large one, you’re going to be dealing with documents containing sensitive information. Proper storing and disposing of that that information is very important to the success of your business. When a business hires someone, personal, sensitive information is taken and stored. It is stored on paper in files and possibly it’s stored on a computer. Often the computer is backed up to an external hard drive or on disks. It’s important to safeguard that information as carefully as possible. All of this information needs to be taken care of in order to protect clients, employees, and yourself.


Most people are well aware of the dangers of identity theft in our society, but often people are careless with personal information, no matter how many times they’ve been warned or heard the stories. Individuals can choose to take a risk with their own information. But for a company, to have an information theft occur can mean the end of the business and many complications afterward.


Having a company policy about document shredding and disposal is very important. And often it makes sense to outsource the disposal of sensitive documents. Outsourcing can take away the risk of an individual employee making a mistake or cutting a corner. For a modest fee, a document shredding service can come on a regular basis and dispose of all your documents in a safe manner. This gives the business owner piece of mind that he can pass along to his customers. Many shredding services will also shred other storage devices such as CD’s and DVD’s. Many will shred hard drives as well. It pays to investigate these possibilities when choosing a shredding company.


Many business owners use document shredding services, such as Houston Shredding, as a selling point to their customers. The business owners realize that providing piece of mind to the clients is an important part of customer service. Having a reliable, reputable service to shred documents and dispose of them properly is good business.