Document Shredding and it’s importance

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The shredding of documents through the use of paper shredders has become a popular trend these days. There are various reasons for shredding of documents instead of disposing them the regular way.


One of the biggest threats posed by the improper disposal of confidential documents is misuse of the same. There has been a rapid increase in identity thefts. These thefts work on the basis of using the identity of another person, for committing various kinds of crimes. These crimes are mainly done for financial benefits. For example, if the credit card statement has been disposed without shredding or tearing the same, then the number of the credit card can be easily accessible to the thieves. Here, they can use the credit card number for their own benefits and purchase various products and charge it to the credit card owner. Often these crimes are not recognized until it is too late and thus the credit card owners have to pay the price for the same.


Another common identity theft crime is using the identity of another person for committing crimes in their names. These can be the work of serious master minds and the person whose social security number or any other related document has been used, can get into serious trouble. Hence it is always advised that document shredding is the best way of disposing all private and confidential information.


There are various other benefits of the process of document shredding. No traces of previous records are found. Hence the chances of getting into trouble due to any such matters can also be avoided. Document shredding is one of the easiest and the most suggested way of disposing documents. Since multiple documents are being shredded at the same time a lot of time is saved. The process of shredding also ensures that the documents are shredded so finely that no content on them is visible to others. This totally eliminates the risk of misuse of these documents. Also the tearing of documents takes a much longer time and does not give you such fine results. Hence it is always good to use document shredding devices rather than doing it from hand.


The document shredding process should not be restricted to offices but should also be used at home. Both places need the proper methods of document shredding because misuse of the same can happen everywhere. This is the best way to avoid identity thefts.

Paper Shredding for Offices

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Paper shredding in offices became a popular trend during the 1980’s. This came after the judgment of the Supreme Court, about the warrant-less seizure and search of garbage left for collection outside homes, was not prohibited. This led to a rapid increase in the sales of these paper shredding machines. Earlier government agencies were the ones who mainly used these paper shredders. But the change in these laws and the risks involved in the disposal of documents without shredding, led to the increased use of these paper shredders.


Paper shredding is vital for all offices. There are thousands of documents which are made and discarded in offices every day. These documents can contain confidential information or sensitive statistics which can be detrimental for the company, if it falls in the wrong hands. These documents could be anything, it could be about the non payments of taxes or some scams that had been done at the office or any other confidential issues such as these. If the government or competition companies come across these documents, then there are risks of closure and misuse of these documents also. Hence it is always recommended that offices should always dispose their vital documents through a paper shredder.


The paper shredders used in offices are very different from the ones which are used at home. The reason being, that the amount of paper shredding done in offices is much larger than that done at  homes. There are thousands of papers which are disposed through paper shredders every day and the machine should be sturdy enough to handle this pressure. Paper shredding machines used in offices are much bigger in size and shapes and they also dispose of much thicker paper, as compared to the regular paper shredders.


It is vital that the paper shredders at office be given maintenance and regular checks. Since these shredders are used more often there should be an instruction document attached near the shredder. This will reduce inappropriate methods of paper shredding that can actually result in shorter life span for the paper shredder. The use of any sharp objects like staples and paper clips in the shredder should be avoided. Regular servicing and oiling are some of the best methods of improving the functions of the paper shredders and also its life span. The blade of the shredder is sharp for both strips and cross cut paper shredders.

An alternative to in-house shredding is to outsource to a mobile paper shredding service.