The Process of Paper Recycling

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The process of paper recycling involves the recovery of waste paper and remaking the same into new kinds of paper products. There are 3 main categories of paper which are used as the feed stocks for recycling paper. These are the pre-consumer waste, mill broke and the post consumer waste. The pre-consumer waste is the material which has been discarded even before the consumer had used it. The mill broke is the paper which is basically the trimmings of paper and other similar kinds of paper scraps which are leftover from the manufacturing of paper. The post consumer paper is the paper which is waste material that has been discarded after the use of the consumer. These include the old magazines, the old telephone directories, various kinds of residential mixed paper and other forms of paper. All paper which is suitable for recycling is known as scrap paper.


The process of paper recycling involves various stages. These also depend on the specific type of paper that has to be recycled. These include the mixed office waste, corrugated fiberboard, newspaper and other forms of paper. There are various steps in recycling paper. The first step for paper recycling is the process of pulping. Through this process water is added and applied to the mechanical action of papers so that the fibers can be separated from each other. Then is the process of screening where the screens are used with slots or holes so that the contaminants from the larger pulp fibers can be removed. After this is the process of centrifugal cleaning. Here the spinning the pulp in a cleanser helps the materials to become denser than the pulp fibers. This facilitates their moving outward and being rejected.


Through flotation the air bubbles are passed through pulp slurry. The same has a surfactant present which also causes the ink particles to collect along with the foam on the surface. Removing these also helps the pulp to become brighter. There are sometimes steps called de-inking which are included in this process. The kneading or the dispersion process involves mechanical action being applied to the contaminant particles. The small particles of the paper are then removed by passing water through the pulp. In case where white paper is required, bleaching through peroxides or hydrosulfites is done to remove color from the pulp. Then the new paper is made in the same way like the virgin paper. After this the process of dissolved air flotation and waste disposal is done.

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Why you should shred your documents

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Earlier,  shredding of documents or papers was not common, in fact a number of people were not even aware of what shredding was. The easiest way of disposing of them was dumping the documents into the garbage bag. But the increase in crime rates, as well as a couple of amendments to certain laws in the U.S, has seen a change in scenario.


Paper is always shredded before disposal, in most offices around the country. Even homes are adapting to the new methods of paper disposal. One of the major reasons for this, is to reduce the risk of crimes which are growing, due to misuse of documents which should be disposed. If you do shred your documents, chances are that you could be setting yourself up for some ugly situations.


Any paper or document which has not been shred before disposal, can turn out to be a serious problem for the company or an individual. These papers can easily be passed on to wrong hands. There are often certain details and documents about an organization which are private and should not be spilled outside the organization. But if any such document is disposed without shredding, then there are many who can access these documents and also misuse the same. There have been instances in the past where such crucial documents have been found by journalists and media and have led to the defamation of an establishment, as well as individuals. In many cases the general public has benefited from these crimes, but there are instances where private matters have come out in public view.


Another problem which occurs if the documents are not shred is the increasing thefts and crimes. The use of details on these documents can also lead to misuse of the same, for committing crimes. This is also known as identity theft, where individuals have to suffer due to the thefts that are committed on their names, even though they haven’t done it. This is because culprits get hold of people’s information through the documents disposed off in the garbage, and then use this information and cause frauds, mislead people and often purchase things on credit cards. The result being that the innocent victim is in big trouble, only because he did not shred his important documents.


Hence it is vital that all confidential documents should be shredded before disposal. This helps to reduce the chances of crimes, through the misuse of these documents. The process does not need much time as a lot of documents can be disposed at one go and also because the process of tearing these papers via hand, does not do as good a job that a shredder does.

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Identity thefts can be avoided through shredding in Houston

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The amount of identity thefts has been on the rise over the past few years. Identity thefts refer to the thefts where the private documents of an individual, such as credit card numbers, social security number or any other personal documents, are used by thieves for committing crimes. Identity thefts are committed for various purposes. The main purposes of these thefts are financial. By using the credit card details or other similar details or information of someone else, various products can be bought. Since the credit card number of the owner is being used, he or she is liable for paying the same. There is also another kind of identity theft where the crime is committed using the name or confidential documents of an individual. In these cases the person whose identity has been used is blamed for the crime and can be accused for the same.


There are different ways of committing identity thefts. These include stealing of credit cards, hacking Internet accounts or computers and other similar options. But one of the easiest ways of committing these crimes is through picking up the details of the important documents through the garbage. Even though the idea of going through the garbage may seem repulsive to most, this is one of the easiest way of accessing the personal and confidential lives of users. Most of the documents disposed in the garbage are not shredded and hence it is very easy to join the pieces of your torn credit card details and access your account or misuse these numbers.


There are various ways through which disposal of garage can be done through shredding in Houston. There are numerous options through which Houston shredding machines can be availed. Different types of shredding machines are available these days. There are some shredders which are used in homes while others are for official purposes. The shredding of documents has become much easier today. The documents which are shredded are fine and thinly stripped or cross cut. Hence there are no chances of the same being misused even if they are put together. Shredding in Houston can be done by buying one of these paper shredders. They come in various sizes and styles and suit the different requirements of users. The ones for offices are usually bigger in size and shape. Hence no matter where you dispose your documents, they should always be shredded.