Valentine’s Day Houston – The On-Site Shred way

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching Houston!  And what better way to say I love you more than secure document shredding! On-Site Shred wants to be part of your Valentine day success!  Is your Valentine tired of getting the same dozen roses every year?  Imagine their joy when they find you have arranged to have their most loved documents protected by shredding!  We will be offering two different packages for this very special day.

Option 1 – The Valentine’s Day Destruction – Our trained document destruction specialist will arrive on site and recite to your Valentine

 “Roses are red,

 Violets are blue,

 someone thinks all day and night,

about protecting you!

Option 2 – The Shredmance Package – contains everything in Option 1 and also includes a box of Sweethearts!

Operators are standing by, call today to reserve your Valentine’s day secure document destruction! 

Shredding Services Houston – Open Debate

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It’s 2011!  While we here at On-Site Shred are trying to embrace the new “social” aspect of keeping in touch with our fellow Houstonians, talking about shredding can get a little boring at times.  We provide shredding services in Houston and we take a lot of pride in our security measures and our customer service.  We love to talk shop, but also realize there are other things to talk about.  Houston is the third largest city in this great nation so it provides lots of avenues for discussion.  We are very lucky to have so many great restaurants throughout the city.  What is your favorite restaurant and why?

Paper Shredding and Document Shredding: Why you should do it

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Earlier,  shredding of documents or papers was not common, in fact a number of people were not even aware of what shredding was. The easiest way of disposing the same was dumping the documents into the garbage bag. But the increase in crime rates, as well as a couple of amendments to certain laws in the U.S, has seen a change in scenario.


Paper is always shredded before disposal, in most offices around the country. Even homes are adapting to the new methods of paper disposal. One of the major reasons for this, is to reduce the risk of crimes which are growing, due to misuse of documents which should be disposed. If you do shred your documents, chances are that you could be setting yourself up for some ugly situations.


Any paper or document which has not been shred before disposal, can turn out to be a serious problem for the company or an individual. These papers can easily be passed on to wrong hands. There are often certain details and documents about an organization which are private and should not be spilled outside the organization. But if any such document is disposed without shredding, then there are many who can access these documents and also misuse the same. There have been instances in the past where such crucial documents have been found by journalists and media and have led to the defamation of an establishment, as well as individuals. In many cases the general public has benefited from these crimes, but there are instances where private matters have come out in public view.


Another problem which occurs if the documents are not shred is the increasing thefts and crimes. The use of details on these documents can also lead to misuse of the same, for committing crimes. This is also known as identity theft, where individuals have to suffer due to the thefts that are committed on their names, even though they haven’t done it. This is because culprits get hold of people’s information through the documents disposed off in the garbage, and then use this information and cause frauds, mislead people and often purchase things on credit cards. The result being that the innocent victim is in big trouble, only because he did not shred his important documents.


Hence it is vital that all confidential documents should be shredded before disposal. This helps to reduce the chances of crimes, through the misuse of these documents. The process does not need much time as a lot of documents can be disposed at one go and also because the process of tearing these papers via hand, does not do as good a job that a shredder does.

Shredding at Storage Facilities

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While our main focus is providing Shredding route service to clients, we offer one time clean outs, also known as “Purge” service.  Purge service is for companies or individuals that have accumalated documents through the years and are at the end of their lifecycle.  For guidelines on how long to retain your records, please click here “Record Retention Guidelines”.  You should always consult with your legal council before shredding any documents.  Most of our clients who request purge service have their records stored offsite at storage facilities.  Though our trucks are over 35 feet in length, we have never come across a facility that can not accomadate us.  To schedule a time for us to come out to your storage facility, please call On-Site Shred at 866-584-0670

Shredding Katy

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Shred Old Documents At Tradition Bank

Proceeds From Shredding Event to Benefit D.A.R.E.

Katy, TX – March 17, 2008 – Tradition Bank’s Grand Parkway location will host a document shredding event Saturday, April 19 from 9 a.m. to noon in support of D.A.R.E.
Documents will be shredded in the bank’s parking lot at 1515 S. Grand Parkway for a $5 donation per box. Residents are asked to place old documents for shredding in a banker’s box. Staples, paper clips and binder clips need not be removed from the documents. Plastic binders are not accepted. Assistance will be available at the event to help unload heavy boxes.

Established in 1983, D.A.R.E. has spread into 75 percent of U.S. school districts and more than 43 countries. The program consists of a police-officer led series of classroom lessons designed to educate children about the dangers of drugs and the importance of resisting peer pressure. Officers teaching D.A.R.E. classes receive 80 hours of training in child development, classroom management, communication skills and teaching techniques, and 40 hours of additional training to teach the high school curriculum.

Tradition Bank is locally owned and operated and has been serving Houston and its surrounding communities since 1963. With seven convenient, full-service banking centers, Tradition Bank offers a wide variety of state-of-the-art services and financial products to both individuals and businesses. Tradition Bank is an Equal Housing Lender and a Member of the FDIC. For more information, please visit our Web site at or contact us at 713.666.2511.

Paper Shredding Event

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On-Site Shred will be helping out KATY ISD D.A.R.E program.  The event will take place at Tradition Bank at 1515 South Grand Parkway, Katy, Texas  77494 from 9 am – 12 p.m. on April 19th.  .All proceeds will benefit the Katy ISD D.A.R.E. program.  Come out and shred for a cause!