Protect from Identity Theft

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Protect from Identity theft

Document Shredding Houston

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The staff at On-Site Shred would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays.  If you will be purging documents, mention you saw our online discount to receive 10% off your total bill.

All Shredding is not Destroying

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All shredding is not destroying.  It comes as a big surprise to most people that if they hire a mobile shredding company that their documents may not be destroyed.  The easiest and safest way to protect yourself and your clients is to look at the shred.  At On-Site Shred we use state-of-the-art pulverizing shredding technology.  We are so proud of our shred we have windows on the side of the truck so our clients can see our shredded product.

An investigation has been launched after it  emerged that confidential police records – including documents about Mitt  Romney’s motorcade – were used as confetti at the Thanksgiving Day parade in New  York City.


The shredded documents rained down on thousands of parade-goers who lined the  streets to watch the parade near Central Park on New York’s Upper West Side on  Thursday.

Closer inspection revealed that the shredded strips of paper were still  readable and contained details about serving police officers, including their  names, social security numbers and bank details as well as references to crimes  that took place in the area.

The documents appear to have originally belonged to the Nassau County Police  Department, which polices parts of Long Island, just outside New York City.

Some of the confetti strips include references to former Republican  presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s motorcade, presumably related to the fact  that the second presidential debate took place at Hofstra University in Nassau  County last month.

Ethan Finkelstein, a university student, was watching the parade when he and  a friend noticed a strip of confetti on her coat.

He told the Pix11 television news channel: “It landed on her shoulder, and it  says ‘SSN’ and it’s written like a social security number, and we’re like,  ‘That’s really bizarre.'”

Mr Finkelstein, 18, said he and his friends picked up other pieces of  confetti and found more apparent police records.

“There are phone numbers, addresses, more social security numbers, license  plate numbers and then we find all these incident reports from police.

“I’m just completely in shock. How could someone have this kind of  information, and how could it be distributed at the Thanksgiving Day Parade?”  Inspector Kenneth Lack, from the Nassau County Police Department, said: “The  Nassau County Police Department is very concerned about this situation. We will  be conducting an investigation into this matter as well as reviewing our  procedures for the disposing of sensitive documents.”

It was, however, suggested that the confetti had perhaps been thrown from a  window overlooking the parade route.

A spokesman for Macy’s,  the parade’s sponsor, said that they used: “commercially manufactured,  multicoloured confetti, not shredded paper.”

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Shredding Services Houston

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It’s that time of year!  The time to destroy documents that have come to the end of their life cycle.  Depending on your industry and your legal department, most companies shred documents that are 5 to 7 years old.  If you are looking for paper shredding and document destruction in the Houston area we are here to help.  On-Site Shred provides secure document destruction from Huntsville down to Galveston and from Katy out to Beaumont.  Give us a call at 866-584-0670 or 281-292-2280 for a free quote and to set up a time for your secure document destruction.

Recycling without destroying = Liability

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Everyone has turned on the local news to see some local company that improperly discarded client’s files in the dumpster.  Most of the time it is an employee who did not receive the proper training.  It comes down to poor business practices.  Another poor business practice is recycling without destroying.  We see it on a daily basis.  Loading docks all over the city with unlocked recycling bins waiting for pick-up.  These recycling bins are filled with company proprietary information along with their client’s personal and confidential information.  Any individual walking the street has complete and legal permission to rifle through these containers and take whatever they find.  Pretty scary right?  Not as scary as what the recyclers do with the contents of those bins.

Recyclers tell their clients that when paper is recycled it is destroyed during the process.  This is true.  What recyclers do not tell their clients is the route the paper takes to be recycled.  Recyclers will send their transfer trucks around the city to collect paper deposited in their containers.  The transfer trucks return to their facilty where they unload the paper into the balers.  Information is baled fully intact and staged for shipment.

China and Mexico are the largest purchasers of raw material to be recycled.  That is correct, those bales with company and personal information land on the docks of foreign countries perfectly intact.  You are probably saying “there has to be laws against such things!”  We have many laws on how sensative information is to be maintainted and destroyed.  From HIPAA, Gramm-Leech-Bliley, FACTA, Sarbanes-Oxley and the Texas Business Commerce Code, regulators have worked hard to protect the consumer.  The fact is that many companies believe they are destroying because they have not been given the correct information in regards to recycling.  There are plenty of good companies for Houston shredding services.  Please visit to find a directory of companies.  Shredding is very cost effective and not only protects your company, but it protects your clients who have put their trust in you.

On-Site Shred is a local Veteran owned mobile document destruction firm.  Serving Greater Houston and the surrounding areas;  On-Site Shred performs pulverized shredding and issues a certificate of destruction with every job.

It’s 9 o’clock Houston. Do you know where your documents are?

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The start of a new year brings new resolutions.  What better time to address information management and secure shredding services in Houston Texas!  Did you know that a recycling program is not the same as a destruction program.  Many of the recyclers will tell their clients that their information will be destroyed during the recycling process.  The question that should be asked is “Where do our documents go after the recycler picks them up?  Who has access to those documents?”  Most people are unaware that recyclers bale white paper perfectly intact and the bales are shipped overseas.  Shipping containers arrive from China packed with goods to be sold in the United States and are returned packed with recycled paper.  Those bales of paper and their contents find their way to Chinese ports.  Scared?  You better be.   Through the years China has been notorious with stealing proprietary information, Identity theft, and the biggest threat these days is cyber attacks.  Think of all the back doors that a team of hackers could discover into your network from discarded printed emails.  It’s happening thousands of times a day.  So as we embark on the New Year, be smart and let a Houston Shredding services company help you protect yourself, your company, and your clients.

Dallas county allows criminals to shred confidential documents

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DALLAS — Dallas County’s little-known community service program which lets convicted criminals sort and then shred confidential documents and personal information has come to an end after News 8 questioned the practice.
For more than a decade, parolees and probationers had been working off community service hours by destroying thousands of sensitive documents — including psychiatric exams of juveniles, copies of Social Security cards, birth certificates, court records, drug tests, and even medical records.
Many were clearly stamped “CONFIDENTIAL.”
One document reviewed by News 8 reads: “CONFIDENTIAL AND PRIVILEGED: This report is provided for your use ONLY. It should not be revealed to any person whatsoever — not even to the person(s) to whom it relates without the authorization of the court.”
Dallas County has ordered all of these documents to be destroyed, in keeping with its records retention policy. But neither the public nor many high-ranking county officials were aware that convicted criminals were handling the information.
At the minimum, this practice raises concerns of information security and identity theft. But experts said the county could face more serious scrutiny.
“This is serious,” said Matthew Yarbrough, a Dallas attorney who’s also a former federal prosecutor. “This is the sort of behavior or business process — even by the county — that is unacceptable.”
Dallas County could be liable, Yarbrough said, if anyone misuses the information.
Plus, having criminals handle medical records could mean Dallas County is violating federal privacy rights for medical records, known as HIPAA, Yarbrough added.
“Any convicted felon handling your personal patient information should be something that gives you pause,” he said.
Criminals have shred sensitive documents almost daily for the past decade at a run-down warehouse in the 4800 block of Harry Hines Boulevard.
The Community Service and Corrections Department, which organizes document destruction, goes through more than a half-million pounds of paper each year, the county revealed.
Who started the practice and why criminals were allowed to be around sensitive data remains uncertain.
“I just can’t believe that this has been going on,” said Dallas County Commissioner Maurine Dickey. She said the county should hire a professional shredding service.
“By not disposing these documents in an acceptable way brings a great deal of exposure to the county,” Dickey said.
Dallas County pointed out that the probationers and parolees are supervised whenever they are around the personal information, and no issue has ever arisen until one probationer recently smuggled out at least a dozen documents to expose the problem.
In addition to showing the information to News 8, the documents were also turned over to the district attorney’s office.
Days after News 8 started asking questions and brought this to light, County Judge Clay Jenkins took action and stopped the practice of criminals from putting their hands on such sensitive information.
“It’s important we protect the confidential data the people entrust the government with. Period. And we need to make sure we get that done right,” Judge Jenkins said.
He said he ordered an immediate review of the practice to determine how to protect this information in the future.


Shredding Services Houston – Open Debate

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It’s 2011!  While we here at On-Site Shred are trying to embrace the new “social” aspect of keeping in touch with our fellow Houstonians, talking about shredding can get a little boring at times.  We provide shredding services in Houston and we take a lot of pride in our security measures and our customer service.  We love to talk shop, but also realize there are other things to talk about.  Houston is the third largest city in this great nation so it provides lots of avenues for discussion.  We are very lucky to have so many great restaurants throughout the city.  What is your favorite restaurant and why?

Shredding Services Houston – Paper Recycling – A Conscious Choice for Business

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Mobile shredding in Houston

Paper shredding is not just the simple act of tearing up old paper to be disposed of.  It goes much further than that.  Document shredding is a twofold business of keeping confidential information safe by complete destruction and working to create a healthier planet by recycling efforts.  These are the key forces behind the paper shredding services Houston has to offer individuals.  This is the basis for the evolution of the document shredding industry as it stands today.

Through the use of amazing technological advances and a better understanding of how important the process is, the shredding of documents has come a substantial way from what it was ten years ago.  The paper recycling Houston companies offer is no longer the simple process of collecting the trash and taking it off to be remanufactured into another product. Houston shredding is vital to businesses that have clients and customers with confidential documentation that needs to be eliminated and made impossible for individuals to get their hands on.

It’s not just about a shredder any longer.  Now you can hire a Houston shredding company to come to your location on a regular basis or when you decide you need them to appear and remove your sensitive confidential information and destroy it.  This can mean that they will roll up in a mobile shredding vehicle and unload the paper from the building straight into the back of a shredder and destroy it in minutes.  This paper is then taken away to a recycling holding station.  At some point the materials, which are completely destroyed and unable to be put back together with no chance of prying eyes making heads or tails of the remains, is cleaned and processed turning it into a substance that will be used for production of other paper products.

This is an amazing stretch from where the process was ten years ago and shows the dedication that much of the world has for saving the planet from further harm by thoughtless waste.  And in the process the clients and customers of the businesses are happy to know that their documents and company information is safely destroyed and of no use to anyone wishing to do them harm by identity theft or any of the other unthinkable crimes.  The conscious choice by business owners to use a shredding company to recycle the useless information and keeping their clients safe from harm shows great dedication by the business owner and this will be respected by the employees and the clients and customers alike.

Shredding Services Houston – Daily discount

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It’s that time of year, time to rotate the records and make room for the new.  Wondering which documents should be shredded?  All Texas businesses are required to have a retention policy on file.  Please click “here” for guidance on retention schedules.  We are offering discounts throughout the month of January, please contact us and a document destruction specialists can answer any questions you may have and/or schedule a destruction time.

On-Site Shred is a Houston Shredding Service company that provides protection through destruction with pulverizing on-site shredding technology.

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