Paper Recycling Process

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We are asked all the time “What happens to the paper?”  Here is a nice little video explaining the paper recycling process.

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Paper Recycling Houston – Good for Business

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Paper shredding is something that protects privacy as well as the planet.  The biggest way to deter identity theft is by document shredding.  No matter what scale you use paper shredding on it is in an important part of discarding old paperwork for both home and business.  There are a number of great Houston shredding companies that would be more than happy to come to you and help you sort out your documents for shredding. They pride themselves on being trustworthy and taking care of their customers’ private needs when it comes to paper destruction.

The shredding services Houston offers can come to your home or office bringing the shredder with them.  They can work right on the premises to clean up the old paperwork that has been hanging around or can set up a schedule with you to make continued visits on a regular basis to come to you and remove the valuable documents.  This is a great way to keep your clients privacy secure and to keep you at the top of the list in their book as far a business that they would trust to have their back.  This creates a sense of loyalty among customers and clients.

Once the documents are removed from your business or home and shredded to small pieces that could never be recognized let alone put back together, the pulp remaining is shipped off to one of the paper recycling Houston based plants to be cleaned and processed into a usable material.  This material is then used by manufacturers to create new products for the stores all over the country to sell.  This is great for the environment and your customer relations.  For individuals in their homes they can feel safe in knowing that their privacy is safe and that their identity belongs to only them.

Without recycling efforts like the paper shredding companies are putting forth, the planet would be in sad shape on the green front.  The economy is becoming more and more of a consideration for business owners in their every day decisions.  The efforts they are taking to keep the planet healthy are a great testament to how they do business and actually will keep many customers and clients loyal to them.  This is one of the best ways to ensure that the customers understand the dedication that they have to moving forward with the times and taking action when it is required.

Shredding Services Houston – Paper Recycling – A Conscious Choice for Business

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Mobile shredding in Houston

Paper shredding is not just the simple act of tearing up old paper to be disposed of.  It goes much further than that.  Document shredding is a twofold business of keeping confidential information safe by complete destruction and working to create a healthier planet by recycling efforts.  These are the key forces behind the paper shredding services Houston has to offer individuals.  This is the basis for the evolution of the document shredding industry as it stands today.

Through the use of amazing technological advances and a better understanding of how important the process is, the shredding of documents has come a substantial way from what it was ten years ago.  The paper recycling Houston companies offer is no longer the simple process of collecting the trash and taking it off to be remanufactured into another product. Houston shredding is vital to businesses that have clients and customers with confidential documentation that needs to be eliminated and made impossible for individuals to get their hands on.

It’s not just about a shredder any longer.  Now you can hire a Houston shredding company to come to your location on a regular basis or when you decide you need them to appear and remove your sensitive confidential information and destroy it.  This can mean that they will roll up in a mobile shredding vehicle and unload the paper from the building straight into the back of a shredder and destroy it in minutes.  This paper is then taken away to a recycling holding station.  At some point the materials, which are completely destroyed and unable to be put back together with no chance of prying eyes making heads or tails of the remains, is cleaned and processed turning it into a substance that will be used for production of other paper products.

This is an amazing stretch from where the process was ten years ago and shows the dedication that much of the world has for saving the planet from further harm by thoughtless waste.  And in the process the clients and customers of the businesses are happy to know that their documents and company information is safely destroyed and of no use to anyone wishing to do them harm by identity theft or any of the other unthinkable crimes.  The conscious choice by business owners to use a shredding company to recycle the useless information and keeping their clients safe from harm shows great dedication by the business owner and this will be respected by the employees and the clients and customers alike.

Shredding services Houston – paper recycling

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For those who have thought that there must be a better use for the large amounts of paper that come through a business in a day, there is paper shreddingDocument shredding is one of the most efficient ways to handle the incredible amount of wasted paper that makes its way out to the trash on a regular basis.  For those interested in taking care of the environment the recycling accomplished with paper shredding is a big step in the right direction. 

In addition to being environmentally friendly, paper shredding also assists in keeping the client’s private information secure and out of prying hands.  There are a number of shredding services Houston residents and business owners can take advantage of.  Houston shredding services offer some of the best recycling services available.  With some of the services you are able to contract them to come to your location and using a mobile shredder they will take the paper from your business and shred it on the spot.  The paper recycling Houston offers is tremendous in creating steps to better the planet.

When selecting a shredding company you may want to ask about a contract price versus calling in when you need shredding.  There may be a discount offered that is well worth the time to ask about it.  This may save you a great deal of money in the long run and you will gain the security that your clients’ documents are safely shredded away leaving no trace of the information there.  Your clients will appreciate the confidence they can have in your business as well.  It is no small undertaking to take mountains of paper and turn them into tiny pieces to be turned into new products.  This is a process that has come a long way in the past several years. 

With computers being at the forefront of business it is sometimes forgotten that there is still a great deal of paper to deal with.  Using the services of a Houston shredding company will not only benefit the business, the clients and the customers but will help keep the planet on the right track for a long life.  It is the small steps and the time taken in each decision that is made, to make a conscious effort to care for the planet that will result in positive steps for the planet.  Every time you make a decision to pick the green path in anything you do, you will benefit generations to come.

What happens to the shredded paper?

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The last part of the paper-recycling process that most people see is the drop-off of the paper into a bin or at a recycling center. However, that is just the first stage of recycling for the paper itself. Once paper has been deposited at the recycling center, it goes through a series of steps and processes before emerging as recycled paper. Millions of tons of paper are recycled each year, and the paper is used in a number of ways.


  1. Before paper begins the recycling process, it must be collected and taken to a Houston recycling facility that has the capacity to process large amounts of paper. Hundreds of tons of paper can be processed in a day by most recycling facilities. Trash collectors often work with recycling facilities and bring them recycled goods. Many recycling facilities also perform more than one type of recycling; this may include recycling paper, glass, aluminum and other materials.
  2. Sorting

  3. When paper arrives at the facility, it needs to be sorted into the appropriate category. Certain types of paper, such as magazine paper and cardstock, require specific processing to break them down. The gloss on magazine paper can alter the way regular newspaper and print paper are recycled, and cardstock is thicker than normal paper and can take longer to be broken down. Once the paper is sorted into its necessary categories, it will be sent to be processed.
  4. Pulping

  5. After the paper has been sorted, or graded, it is pulped. This involves cutting or chopping up the paper and blending it with water to destroy the original shape of the paper. This allows it to be worked into different forms or types of paper. This part of the process can be completed quickly, as most types of paper will break down very quickly in water and become pulp. Bleach or dye may be added to the pulp to change the color.
  6. Draining

  7. After the paper is pulped, it is screened and drained. Screening is the process by which the pulp is placed on a flat screen; this restores its shape and allows excess water to drain off. Screened pulp may also be cleaned with certain chemicals to bleach or de-ink the pulp and make it whiter. Recycled paper frequently has a brown or gray tint that can be altered with the use of bleach and dyes.
  8. Uses

  9. Once paper has gone through this process, it can be turned into paper, office supplies, insulation for houses, paper cups and many other products. Recycling paper is one of the simplest ways individuals can recycle, and the process for recycling paper can be completed in as little as a week. Many companies use recycled paper products to reduce environmental impact.

Benefits of Paper Recycling

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Paper Recycling

Paper Recycling

Benefits of paper recycling


There have been various debates about the uses of paper recycling and the affect of the same on the environment. These include both upstream reasons like the raw materials and their possession and the downstream methods like the disposal of wastes and their impacts. But the process of paper recycling does help to reduce this impact.


Since 90% of the paper made today is made from wood it does have its impact on the environment. The production of paper is also one of the major reasons for the felling of the trees. It is also a contributor to the worlds economic output. The process of recycling of the news prints helps to save about 1 ton of wood through recycling. The use of printing or copier paper for recycling saved about 2 tons of wood. This happens because the process of Kraft pulping requires about twice the amount of wood. This removes the lignin which produces better quality fibers as compared to the process of mechanical pulping. The process of relating tons of papers recycled to the felling trees are not meaningless. The size of the trees also varies tremendously and is also the major factor for determining the amount of paper which can be made from a specified number of trees. There are trees which are specifically raised for their pulp production. Most of the pulp production operators ensure reforestation for continuous supply of trees.


The consumption of energy is reduced is also reduced through paper recycling. The pulp mills produce mechanical energy which is used in large amounts. But there are arguments on the same because the consumption of more electricity is the burning of fossil fuels. The recycling of paper also helps in landfill use. The amount taken for all organic material to be disposed on grounds would be huge but through recycling paper a lot of land space can be saved. Recycling paper also helps in reducing the amount of water and air pollution. The recycling of paper reduces the demand for virgin paper, which helps in reduction of felling of trees.


Hence the options for recycling paper helps in the overall reduction of falling of trees, helps the environment in various other ways and also reduces the risks of various other issues of the environment. Every bit of paper that is given for recycling can help in protecting the environment and conserving it also.

The Process of Paper Recycling

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The process of paper recycling involves the recovery of waste paper and remaking the same into new kinds of paper products. There are 3 main categories of paper which are used as the feed stocks for recycling paper. These are the pre-consumer waste, mill broke and the post consumer waste. The pre-consumer waste is the material which has been discarded even before the consumer had used it. The mill broke is the paper which is basically the trimmings of paper and other similar kinds of paper scraps which are leftover from the manufacturing of paper. The post consumer paper is the paper which is waste material that has been discarded after the use of the consumer. These include the old magazines, the old telephone directories, various kinds of residential mixed paper and other forms of paper. All paper which is suitable for recycling is known as scrap paper.


The process of paper recycling involves various stages. These also depend on the specific type of paper that has to be recycled. These include the mixed office waste, corrugated fiberboard, newspaper and other forms of paper. There are various steps in recycling paper. The first step for paper recycling is the process of pulping. Through this process water is added and applied to the mechanical action of papers so that the fibers can be separated from each other. Then is the process of screening where the screens are used with slots or holes so that the contaminants from the larger pulp fibers can be removed. After this is the process of centrifugal cleaning. Here the spinning the pulp in a cleanser helps the materials to become denser than the pulp fibers. This facilitates their moving outward and being rejected.


Through flotation the air bubbles are passed through pulp slurry. The same has a surfactant present which also causes the ink particles to collect along with the foam on the surface. Removing these also helps the pulp to become brighter. There are sometimes steps called de-inking which are included in this process. The kneading or the dispersion process involves mechanical action being applied to the contaminant particles. The small particles of the paper are then removed by passing water through the pulp. In case where white paper is required, bleaching through peroxides or hydrosulfites is done to remove color from the pulp. Then the new paper is made in the same way like the virgin paper. After this the process of dissolved air flotation and waste disposal is done.

On-Site Shred provides paper recycling programs in Houston Texas and the surrounding areas.  On-Site Shred also offers mobile document destruction.  If researching a paper shredding service in Houston Texas, make sure the company is a member of NAID.