Advantages to outsourcing your paper shredding

6:46 pm Paper Shredding

Why would I pay someone to do paper shredding when I can do it right here in-house?  I hear this question a lot.  And the answer is pretty simple.  Why?  Because it will save you money.

The Attorney General has made it pretty clear that he is serious about protecting Texans from Identity theft.  Businesses found in violation of the strict new identity theft laws will find themselves not only getting beat up in the press, but writing a substantial check to the state and preparing for civil lawsuits.  Using a professional paper shredding service that provides a certificate of destruction allows that company an audit trail and shows compliance with the new laws. 

Another reason is time.   When you are paying a person six figures you sure as heck don’t want that person spending their time at the shredding machine trying to figure out how to unjam it.  You can delegate the shredding duties to a low level employee, but do you really want that person to have access to the company’s most sensitive information?  I think not.  And what’s worse, as you can read in the press, a lot of times that employee decides it would be much easier to just dump them in the back dumpster.

Stay tuned for part II on the advantages to outsourcing your paper shredding.


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