Paper Shredding and the Texas AG

6:52 pm Paper Shredding

If businesses haven’t got the word, they need to pay attention.  The Texas AG is very serious about protecting Texans from Identity theft.  If you don’t have an active paper shredding policy, you are at risk….in many ways.   Last week the Texas Attorney General’s Office issued new charges and announced a settlement agreement with EZCORP.

Austin based EZCORP, a payday and pawn lending company, has reached a settlement with the Texas Attorney’s General office in which it will pay the state a sum of $600,000.00.  Now you may ask yourself, what would warrant a $600,000.00 settlement?  Failure to do proper paper shredding!  That’s right, EZCORP had improperly discarded customer records in the back dumpster.  Had this been in Houston, they could have called a Houston shredding company, it would have taken about a half hour and cost them less than a hundred dollars.

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