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Paper shredding machines are not only a part of offices, but homes as well. There are different kinds of paper shredding machines which are available today, but they all serve the same purpose. The main purpose of  paper shredding is to avoid any confidential information or content being passed over to the wrong hands. Both offices and homes have different kind of private and confidential documents. Usually these would be disposed through the regular means of garbage. But now with  paper shredding gaining popularity, these documents are now disposed after being shredded. This ensures that all the documents which are put in the shredder come out in thin strips or cross cuts, which cannot be recognized by anyone. This restricts the passage of any information to unwanted people and other miscreants.


The paper shredder is a motorized machine that helps in reducing documents and papers to strips. There are different kinds of shredders which are available in different companies. For example, the shredder which is used at home is much smaller in size and shape as compared to the shredder which is found in the offices. There are also shredders which shred the paper in different kinds of shapes, like cross cut shredders and the strip cut shredders. Both have sharp blades and help in destroying confidential papers.


To ensure the longevity of the paper shredders, it is vital that the right method be followed while using them. Hence it is suggested that offices should have a separate person to operate these shredders or put up the instructions for using the same, near the shredder. Often people also dispose clips and staples in these shredders which can lead to the shredder getting spoiled. Also, regular maintenance and oiling of the shredder is necessary, as this helps in increasing the life span of these machines and they should also be cleaned regularly. 


There are various safety features which should be implemented during the use of these shredders. The first is that children should be kept away from the same. Those who use these shredders should not repair the same while keeping the switch on. The blades are sharp and can cut fingers if they start operating suddenly. Also the things which should not be put in the shredder should be strictly mentioned in the instructions. While putting any documents in the shredder caution should be exercised. So its important while paper shredding, hair, clothes and jewelry should be checked, so that they don’t get stuck in the shredder.

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