Shred days at the Grogan’s Mill Shopping Center!

5:33 pm On-Site Shredding in the Press

 The Woodlands, TX – Identity theft is a real and serious danger not only nationwide, but right here in our hometown.  Most of us keep our garbage receptacles outside where they sit unlocked and accessible to criminals who wish to do us harm.  The amount of information that can be obtained off junk mail is enough to do serious damage to our identities’.  The amount of information that can be obtained off improperly disposed of financial documents can ruin a person’s life. 


The Grogan’s Mill Village Association in conjunction with On-Site Shred will be providing an answer to combat identity theft.  Starting June 7th, and continuing every Saturday thereafter, On-Site Shred will be placing a truck in the Grogan’s Mill shopping center from 9 am until 12 pm.  Individuals can bring up to five boxes of documents to be destroyed.  The price per box is $7.00 for a standard file box and $10.00 for a Banker’s box.  This service is being provided to serve the public.  Businesses wishing to destroy their documents are asked to please call On-Site Shred at 281-292-2280 and set a time for the truck to come to them.  No need to remove paper clips, binder clips, staples, or rubber bands.  Individuals are asked to remove documents from three ring binders and remove any plastic.  All the shredding is done on-site allowing individuals to witness the destruction first-hand.  100% of the waste stream is recycled keeping The Woodlands clean and green!  After you finish with your shred, stop by The Farmer’s Market for some great produce and specialty items, or visit the fine shops located in the shopping center. 

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