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I received a phone call from a guy the other night at around 8 in the evening.  Usually I don’t take sales calls that late but wasn’t doing anything important at the time so I picked up.  The individual asked quite a few questions and wanted us to come out first thing in the morning.  Seemed a little odd to me, but I said that I could squeeze him in the schedule if he was willing to be ready at 7:30.

We arrived at 7:30, and met with the customer.  He had his boxes in his garage ready to go.  As we started to get things going I see the individual clicking photo’s every two seconds, kinda strange, but we sometimes have clients that need to log documents that have been destroyed.  It took us about fifteen minutes, cost less then a $150.00 dollars.


I’m playing golf this past Sunday with a friend of mine.  We were paired up with two other guys to make a foursome.  During the course of the round, we were discussing each other’s professions.  I brought up On-Site Shred and the one gentleman says “You need to contact that guy that was on the news the other night”  I hadn’t seen the broadcast, so I asked if he knew the name.  Right away he knew the name which I thought was interesting (people pay serious attention when their information has been mishandled).  I told him that’s really odd, because I received a phone call from a guy with the same name the other night at a late hour and he needed shredding done first thing in the morning.  We both agreed it had to be the same guy.

When I came back home I did a little research, and sure enough it was the same guy.  The moral of the story – take a little bit of time and a little bit of money to protect yourself and your clients by hiring a professional paper shredding company.  It’s a heck of a lot easier than dealing with a camera in your face and having to explain yourself to the Texas Attorney General.

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