Document Destruction/Paper Shredding – Why it is important.

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The phrase document destruction brings up a vision of espionage; smoke filled rooms with people being interrogated, and corporate cloak and dagger activities. Document destruction is something that the government does or big business. Document destruction is not something that the ordinary, average person has to worry about, right?


Wrong. Personal information is at a premium these days. Identity theft is big business and having your identity stolen can radically alter your life. We’ve all heard stories of a friend of friend whose sister pretended to be her and took out a credit card in her name and ran up a big bill. But we’ve also heard stories of the person who went into the bank to withdraw money only to find out that all the money had been taken out of his account and someone with his name now owns a home on the Jersey Shore. Imagine the time and energy necessary to get yourself out of that mess?


Once we recognize that document shredding is the responsibility of each individual, we can take on the task and do it successfully with relatively little effort. Start with obtaining a good quality personal shredder. Do a little research on the types of shredders out there. Take some time to think about how you want to use your shredder. Are you going to be shredding multiple pages at one time? Are you going to be shredding a little bit every day or are you the type to have a marathon shredding session every few weeks? Do you have little children in the house for whom a shredder could be dangerous? Choose a shredder according to your needs. There are many different choices out there.


The next step is choosing which documents to destroy. Nobody wants to go overboard and start shredding everything, but take some time to look at the papers you usually recycle or wad up and throw in the trash. If the document has a your signature on it, it makes sense to shred it. If the document has any personal information on it at all, shred it. If the document has account information on it, whether it’s partial or complete, shred it. If you think that someone might possibly use the information on the document in any way, it makes sense to shred it. It is, in this instance, better to shred than be sorry later.


Once you’ve made the decision about which papers to shred, get to it. Shred often. Shred daily if you need to. Shred weekly. Make a pile that needs to be shredded and get your kids to shred it for you. But follow through. Destroy the documents. Completely.


Once the documents have been destroyed, dispose of them responsibly. Recycle the paper; don’t throw it away. It might make sense to you to bag the shredded paper separately so that you’re not recycling it all at the same time in the same place. That makes it harder for a thief to un-shred a document.


Document destruction is a fact of life for us now. It’s not just something exotic we see on TV or read about in the newspaper. It’s an important part of keeping our identities safe.


Shredding – Taking care of your business

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We’ve all read stories in the newspaper or heard stories on the news about the personal information of some people being compromised. Someone’s laptop was stolen and a database of personal information was on the hard drive. Someone else’s personal information was stolen from the database of a business. But it would seem that those thefts are the exception rather than the rule. Most identity theft we hear about tends to be individual. We hear about the woman whose mail was stolen from her mailbox and the thief applied for a credit card in her name. We hear about the neighbor whose house was broken into and his personal information was stolen and he is still trying to unravel the mess the thieves made of his financial life. Many people are now using a personal shredder as a way to protect themselves from individual identity theft.


Identity theft can occur on many different levels and there are many different ways to protect yourself, whether you’re an individual or a company. Whether you’ve got a small business or a large one, you’re going to be dealing with documents containing sensitive information. Proper storing and disposing of that that information is very important to the success of your business. When a business hires someone, personal, sensitive information is taken and stored. It is stored on paper in files and possibly it’s stored on a computer. Often the computer is backed up to an external hard drive or on disks. It’s important to safeguard that information as carefully as possible. All of this information needs to be taken care of in order to protect clients, employees, and yourself.


Most people are well aware of the dangers of identity theft in our society, but often people are careless with personal information, no matter how many times they’ve been warned or heard the stories. Individuals can choose to take a risk with their own information. But for a company, to have an information theft occur can mean the end of the business and many complications afterward.


Having a company policy about document shredding and disposal is very important. And often it makes sense to outsource the disposal of sensitive documents. Outsourcing can take away the risk of an individual employee making a mistake or cutting a corner. For a modest fee, a document shredding service can come on a regular basis and dispose of all your documents in a safe manner. This gives the business owner piece of mind that he can pass along to his customers. Many shredding services will also shred other storage devices such as CD’s and DVD’s. Many will shred hard drives as well. It pays to investigate these possibilities when choosing a shredding company.


Many business owners use document shredding services, such as Houston Shredding, as a selling point to their customers. The business owners realize that providing piece of mind to the clients is an important part of customer service. Having a reliable, reputable service to shred documents and dispose of them properly is good business.


Shredding Documents – A Way Of Life

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Shredding documents is becoming a way of life in our country today. It has practically become one of the litanies of phrases parents teach their children these days. “Look both ways before you cross the street.” “Don’t talk to strangers.” “Don’t open the front door to people you don’t know.” “Shred your documents.” Shredding is a precaution that we all must take these days in order to prevent ourselves from the very serious crime of identity theft. In a society where access is gained using PIN numbers and passwords and codes of different sorts, gaining access to someone’s personal information can be devastating for the victims. Lives are ruined due to identity theft. Taking every precaution to prevent that from happening is just as important as looking both ways before you cross the street.


So we’re taught to take precautions against identity theft and shred our documents. But what happens after the shredding takes place? Most people simply place the shredded documents in the paper recycling and think they’ve done enough. But that’s not necessarily the safest way to handle the shredded paper. Depending on the type of paper shredder used, the shreds have the possibility of being un-shredded. This is a process where a thief will take the shreds of paper and try to piece them back together again. There have been many examples of shredded documents being carefully reconstructed using the pieces from the trash. This is a time consuming process and a tedious process. Paper that has been shredded vertically and in long strips often can stick together in a form that looks nearly like parts of the original document. This can be un-shredded, although not easily,  and the information contained in the document can be used to recreate your identity. It is good to research the types of desk side shredders and to find a shredder that shreds completely and gets good user reviews. It is also a good idea to take the shredded document and dispose of it carefully. Recycle the pieces in separate bins or bags. Often it’s a good idea to take the shredded documents to the recycling center yourself and dispose of them in separate bins.


Another safe way to protect yourself from un-shredding is to use a document shredding service. Houston Shredding is one such service provider offering safe shredding and disposal of all documents. Document shredding services are often mobile and will come to your home to shred and dispose of your documents. The price of this is often offset by the piece of mind that comes from knowing your documents are shredded safely and disposed of securely.


It’s difficult to take every precaution to lead a safe and protected life. But there are ways to protect yourself from identity theft. Buy a confetti shredder. Use the shredder to shred your documents. Dispose of the documents carefully. And if you have questions or concerns, consult a professional document shredding company and use their services. It could save you a tremendous amount of time and money when it helps to protect your identity.



Worried about online theft? Think Paper Shredding…

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Worried about online theft? Think paper shredding


Identity theft is an ugly reality these days. It’s something that crosses most people’s minds on a daily basis in a variety of different ways. People question the security of the interactions they have on a daily basis. Is my online banking site secure? Should I access that banking site from the coffee shop using their unsecured network?  Is someone looking over my shoulder as I use my ATM card to withdraw some cash? When I bought that gift for my niece, was that site secure? People worry about safely moving through the world and the precautions we need to take to navigate that world safely change rapidly.


But here’s something to think about. All those cyber and computer transactions you worry about every day are NOT the basis for the majority of identity thefts. Online exchanges only about 9 percent of all identity thefts. What is the most common form of identity theft? Stealing paper documents and personal information.


So does it pay to be cautious and careful about where you plunk down your credit card information online? Yes. Should you type in your personal banking information using an unsecured network? Probably not the smartest thing for you to do. But the smartest thing you can do to protect yourself from identity theft is to take care of your paper documents. Call a Shredder and Shred them.


For a society that is trying to go paperless, there are still an awful lot of papers out there with our personal information on it. Receipts often have your name and credit card information on them. Bank statements have names and numbers that can be used to impersonate you. Your social security number can be found on a variety of different documents. Your children’s social security numbers can be found that way as well. These papers need to be safeguarded.


Many people tend to think that keeping papers in a file cabinet in their homes is keeping them safe.  That’s usually the case. But when thieves break into homes these days, they tend to take more than the big screen TV. They tend to take paper documents with personal information on them.


This is where a document shredder comes in. Every household should have a document shredder and everyone in that household should shred documents on a regular basis. Many people think it’s enough of a precaution to simply take the unwanted documents, such as junk mail solicitations for credit cards, and rip them in half or into quarters. A thief going the trash will have no trouble piecing that document back together and gathering your personal information. Paper shredding is a necessity these days.


Many people, in an effort to go paperless, are taking their documents and scanning them into their computers. When those documents are scanned, they should be shredded and then sent to the paper recycling.  This is the safest means of disposing of documents containing personal information.


Does it make sense to worry about online theft and to be cautious about how and where you give out your personal information? Of course. But be smart and safe about how your handle your personal documents as well. Chances are, not shredding those documents could cause you a great deal of trouble later if your identity is stolen.


Shred for a Sense of Security

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Everyone’s feeling a bit more vulnerable these days. The economy is uncertain; jobs are less secure. Times are tough and people are wondering what they can do to protect themselves from all sorts of disasters – losing a job, losing health insurance, losing the savings they spent their lives accumulating. Unfortunately, people need to protect themselves from crimes as well. Incidences of theft tend to occur more often during tough economic times. And in our society today, that can mean identity theft.


How do people protect themselves in tough economic times? People have stopped spending as freely, only plunking down cash for things they really need. Luxury items will have to wait for better economic times. With people worried about job security and how to meet monthly bills, anxiety levels are elevating. What can be done to help alleviate that anxiety?


It’s always good, when feeling vulnerable, to take some steps to help yourself feel more protected. When facing the prospect of identity theft, it’s easy to blame the electronic age. People tend to think that most identity theft happens online – on your computer, with your bank, buying things with a credit card online. But the reality is that the most common form of identity theft happens the old fashioned way. Thieves go through your trash and your paper recycling. What are they looking for? Paper documents containing your personal and private information. These could be bank statements, credit card statements, and receipts from purchases. Thieves are looking for any pieces of information they can find to put together a profile of your personal information.


So if you’re trying to protect yourself from identity theft, what’s the best precaution to take? Experts will tell you that the best way to protect yourself is to shred your personal information. Shred your bank statements. Shred your credit card receipts. Shred your old documents, such as tax documents you no longer need, before they leave your possession.  A personal shredder is well worth the investment because it returns peace of mind. Using a document shredder on a regular basis means you are taking a giant step towards protecting yourself from having your identity stolen. Shredding is a proactive step, just like locking your car door or installing an alarm system.


What do you do if your intentions are good but your follow through needs work? There are those of us who, while we mean to do it, get behind on our document shredding. Facing an enormous pile of documents needing to be shredded can be an anxiety-producing situation. It’s always tempting to simply put the documents in the paper recycling or the trash and hope for the best. A better solution, and one that will help you sleep better at night, is to hire a paper shredding company. Many document shredding companies offer occasional services and can meet your needs for a one time shredding visit. You can also schedule shredding services on a regular basis.


When facing economic times that make you feel out of control, it’s a good feeling to be proactive and to know that you’re taking all the steps you can to protect yourself from identity theft. Shredding documents in a timely and safe fashion, and often trusting that task to the experts, is a great way to feel more protected.

Residential Paper Shredding in Houston

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There are various options for paper shredding in Houston offices, but the need of paper shredding in Houston homes, is equally important and necessary. Like most of the other states the trend of shredding paper has just about set in many homes. Earlier the application of paper shredding in Houston was restricted to the government offices, where confidential papers on national security or other such documents would be shredded. But after the 1984 amendment by the Supreme Court which permitted the seizure of garbage from homes, there has been an increased use of shredding machines in both, homes and offices.


There are various reasons why paper shredding in Houston homes is required. One of the most vital reasons is the growing rates of crimes like identity theft. These crimes are the easiest to commit and they also provide for financial crunches which are not even possible with regular crimes. For example, the disposals of your credit card statement in the garbage, can fall into the hands of unwanted people. This would mean that all the information in the statement, including the credit card number, can be misused. The person or people, who get this information can use it to their benefit by using your credit card. The crime would not be detected till you receive the statement from the bank and often the theft can be beyond a payable limit. Any crime can also be committed using your identity, which would also make you the prime suspect in a robbery or a scam.


Hence it is always advisable to dispose all documents through shredding in Houston. These shredding machines are easily available and they don’t occupy too much space in the house. They are different from the shredding machines at office and are much lighter in weight. Also the process of shredding your documents through these shredders would take very little time as compared to doing the same manually. Through this process multiple documents can be disposed at one go instead of tearing or cutting each of the documents separately.


There are various kinds of documents which can be shredded through these machines. These include documents that have your social security number, credit card statements, details of your bank accounts and pass books, any document which is related to property and is confidential. All of these documents can be destroyed through paper shredding machines. The process is safe and ensures that your confidential documents are not passed to wrong hands.

Paper Shredding and Document Shredding: Why you should do it

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Earlier,  shredding of documents or papers was not common, in fact a number of people were not even aware of what shredding was. The easiest way of disposing the same was dumping the documents into the garbage bag. But the increase in crime rates, as well as a couple of amendments to certain laws in the U.S, has seen a change in scenario.


Paper is always shredded before disposal, in most offices around the country. Even homes are adapting to the new methods of paper disposal. One of the major reasons for this, is to reduce the risk of crimes which are growing, due to misuse of documents which should be disposed. If you do shred your documents, chances are that you could be setting yourself up for some ugly situations.


Any paper or document which has not been shred before disposal, can turn out to be a serious problem for the company or an individual. These papers can easily be passed on to wrong hands. There are often certain details and documents about an organization which are private and should not be spilled outside the organization. But if any such document is disposed without shredding, then there are many who can access these documents and also misuse the same. There have been instances in the past where such crucial documents have been found by journalists and media and have led to the defamation of an establishment, as well as individuals. In many cases the general public has benefited from these crimes, but there are instances where private matters have come out in public view.


Another problem which occurs if the documents are not shred is the increasing thefts and crimes. The use of details on these documents can also lead to misuse of the same, for committing crimes. This is also known as identity theft, where individuals have to suffer due to the thefts that are committed on their names, even though they haven’t done it. This is because culprits get hold of people’s information through the documents disposed off in the garbage, and then use this information and cause frauds, mislead people and often purchase things on credit cards. The result being that the innocent victim is in big trouble, only because he did not shred his important documents.


Hence it is vital that all confidential documents should be shredded before disposal. This helps to reduce the chances of crimes, through the misuse of these documents. The process does not need much time as a lot of documents can be disposed at one go and also because the process of tearing these papers via hand, does not do as good a job that a shredder does.

Document Shredding and its importance

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 The shredding of documents through the use of paper shredders has become a popular trend these days. There are various reasons for shredding of documents instead of disposing them the regular way.


One of the biggest threats posed by the improper disposal of confidential documents is misuse of the same. There has been a rapid increase in identity thefts. These thefts work on the basis of using the identity of another person, for committing various kinds of crimes. These crimes are mainly done for financial benefits. For example, if the credit card statement has been disposed without shredding or tearing the same, then the number of the credit card can be easily accessible to the thieves. Here, they can use the credit card number for their own benefits and purchase various products and charge it to the credit card owner. Often these crimes are not recognized until it is too late and thus the credit card owners have to pay the price for the same.


Another common identity theft crime is using the identity of another person for committing crimes in their names. These can be the work of serious master minds and the person whose social security number or any other related document has been used, can get into serious trouble. Hence it is always advised that document shredding is the best way of disposing all private and confidential information.


There are various other benefits of the process of document shredding. No traces of previous records are found. Hence the chances of getting into trouble due to any such matters can also be avoided. Document shredding is one of the easiest and the most suggested way of disposing documents. Since multiple documents are being shredded at the same time a lot of time is saved. The process of shredding also ensures that the documents are shredded so finely that no content on them is visible to others. This totally eliminates the risk of misuse of these documents. Also the tearing of documents takes a much longer time and does not give you such fine results. Hence it is always good to use document shredding devices rather than doing it from hand.


The document shredding process should not be restricted to offices but should also be used at home. Both places need the proper methods of document shredding because misuse of the same can happen everywhere. This is the best way to avoid identity thefts.

Paper Shredding for Homes

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Paper shredding for homes


Even though the use of the paper shredders had been mainly for office, there has been a change in the use of these shredders. Paper shredding has also begun at home due to the various benefits that it offers.


One of the main reasons for the use of these paper shredders at home, are due to identity thefts. There is a growing concern over the seriousness of this crime and also the alarming rate at which it has increased. Due to this a number of people are opting for paper shredding at home, for all their important documents. All documents which contain vital information or sensitive information should be destroyed through paper shredders. These include the documents which contain your social security numbers, bank details, credit card statements and other similar confidential documents.


Paper shredding ensures that these documents are not misused in any way. Regular disposal of these documents increases the chances of these documents falling into wrong hands. With the growing popularity of paper shredding more people are also becoming aware of their correct and safe uses at homes and in offices also.


Paper shredding is done through a motorized machine which helps in cutting paper into thin strips. There are different types of paper shredding machines which are available today. There are some which are particularly designed for offices while the others are designed for homes. There are different ways in which paper can be cut like strips or cross cuts. It does not matter what kind of blades your paper shredder has, because they all are very sharp to destroy the traces of confidential information from the documents fed into it.


There are different kinds of documents which are put for paper shredding. These include credit information and other pay stubs also. The lightweight paper shredder is ideal for homes because the amounts of documents being shredded are less. It should always be remembered that any document which is too thick for the blade of these paper shredders should not be put into the same. These include staples and paper clips which can actually spoil the paper shredder. The machine should be given regular maintenance and oiling so that it can work for a longer period.


The paper shredders for homes are more compact in size and also take lesser space. But it is useful and it is always recommended to dispose all documents through paper shredding.

4 Easy Tips for Paper Shredding at Home.

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Many of our customers at Shredding Houston use our service to come pick up their shredding as needed, so they don’t have to worry. Shredding at home can be a time consuming job, especially if you have a consumer grade shredder. It takes time to shred, and even more time to shred properly. Likewise, if you aren’t using a cross-cutting shredder, you aren’t destroying your personal papers securely. This is why so many people find Shredding Houston’s pickup service to be a faster, easier way to the piece of mind that comes when you know your documents are being shredded securely, and you are doing your best to protect you and your family against identity theft. paper-recycling.jpg However, from time to time, our customers have important papers they want to shred right away. For these instances, here are five great tips for secure paper shredding at home: 1. What types of documents you need to shred. It can be a little overwhelming to try and figure out just what needs to be shredded. The general rule of thumb is to destroy anything that contains personal information. This includes anything that is printed with your full name, address, social security number, birthday, credit card number, or email address should be destroyed. Also, you should always shred credit card offers, especially any that are pre-approved. Credit card offers tossed into the trash are one of the most common ways thieves commit fraud. 2. Don’t forget about personal correspondence. This is a big one. Many people don’t realize that any information an identity thief can gather about you from your trash can present a risk. If you are throwing away personal correspondence such as birthday cards, letters, or postcards, be sure to shred these first. Any details about the routines or personal habits of you, your friends, or family can help a thief steal your identity and commit fraud. Be safe, not sorry. 3. How to pick the right home shredder. When choosing a shredder, ask yourself two things: How much do I want to spend? How much shredding will I be doing at home? Ideally, you want to purchase a cross-cut shredder for at home shredding jobs. Cross-cut shredders cut your papers vertically and horizontally, offering you greater security. However, if you want to use a less-expensive model, you can go with a strip-cut shredder. These will cut your documents into strips, but are less secure, since a thief could piece documents back together if they are found in strips. If you use a strip cut shredder, buy one that cuts paper into very small strips, to make it more difficult for someone to recreate the original document. Likewise, you want to get a shredder than can handle your job. If you plan on shredding a few highly sensitive documents here and there, a smaller shredder should suffice. However, if you want to shred a larger volume of papers at home, you will need to invest in a larger, more expensive shredder that can handle more papers at once. If you don’t, it will take you much longer than you bargained for to shred your job. 4. Remove staples and paper clips before you shred! A lot of people forget to do this and find themselves sorry when their shredder jams or worse, breaks. Many of the newer, more expensive shredders will survive if you feed them staples and clips, but it’s better to remove them just to be safe. We hope these tips on home paper shredding are useful. For larger jobs in the Houston area, contact Shredding Houston and schedule an appointment for a representative to pickup your personal shredding at your home.

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