Paper Shredding In Houston

Who “Else” Can Benefit From Mobile Shredding Services: Part 2

In the last entry we discussed a few industries who could benefit from paper shredding in Houston that don’t fall into the typical categories of large firms or corporations who often require a document shredding service. Here we will continue the discussion by introducing two other types of companies or organizations that deal with large amounts of sensitive and easily compromised data.

Small businesses

Just because “small business” is the categorical opposite of “big business” doesn’t mean the interests of each type of company are different. While small businesses may not amass the same volume of documents that big businesses and corporations do, small companies may have more to lose as a consequence of identity theft and information exploitation resulting from improper disposal of sensitive documents. Small and home-based businesses handle the same type of personal and financial information that other businesses do, and are likely to store the documents containing this information in one place, due to limited space, and lack of the administrative support necessary to archive documents properly.

Storing a mass of sensitive information together means there is potential for a thief to gain access to a large amount of information in one swoop, and, that some of the documents containing sensitive information may be overlooked or forgotten. When a company doesn’t make document storage and destruction a priority, it is far easier to fall victim to a crime like identity theft, which is the last thing a budding business wants to deal with, as one costly case can negatively impact the company's entire financial future. Ouch.

By utilizing onsite shredding services in the Houston area, small businesses can get all their sensitive documents shredded in one spot and disposed of quickly and easily, offering a much-needed level of security to small business owners.

Political organizations

It doesn’t take a lot scouring through the news to discover that documents handled by political groups of all types have been exploited and the information found in them used against candidates in both public and legal domains. The amount of paperwork and sensitive data involved in the campaign trail is great, and documents no longer necessary for reference are vulnerable to theft if not destroyed. Political races on any level can become cutthroat and fierce. In turn, its always in a political party or organization's best interest to take care that no internal documents can be misused, misread, or misinterpreted by outsiders. A similar safeguard should be put into place for campaign contributors, as their names and financial information are at risk for theft once recorded in a paper trail. With the unfortunate reality of political scandal and subterfuge aside, onsite shredding is a smart way to dispose of the vast amount of paperwork that can accrue throughout the length of a campaign. Moreover, the mobile aspect of onsite shredding can make it easy to destroy documents in multiple locations.