Texas Paper Shredding

Three Ways Paper Shredding Helps Your Bottom Line

If your business hasn’t started paper shredding routinely, it should. Although it costs a bit of money to have a company come in and shred all of your waste paper, at the end of the day, the investment is worth it. In fact, regular paper shredding can improve your business’ bottom line in some unexpected ways.

  1. Your liability is reduced if you shred old documents.

    That’s right; you are protected from legal repercussions if you have old files destroyed by a shredding company instead of just tossing them out. There have been many cases of businesses who have thrown away old files only to have those files – and the personal information in them – stolen by identity thieves. In Texas, the Attorney General’s office has prosecuted businesses that didn’t properly dispose of sensitive customer documents. Paper shredding means this won’t happen to your business.

  2. You build client trust.

    Let your clients know that paper shredding is part of your company’s efforts to protect their privacy. Explain that even memos, meeting notes, receipts, and copies are shredded to ensure none of their information will ever get into the wrong hands. Corporate responsibility instills trust in clients. Having clients who have faith in your business will help improve your sales.

  3. It frees up space.

    Do you have a storage problem in your office? Most offices are limited on storage space, often because of the simple fact that they have too much paper and don’t know what to do with it. If you have records that you need to keep for a prolonged period, consider scanning them. Scanned records are just as good and take up far less space. They are also less likely to be damaged by fire or flood. If you invest in a one-time fee to scan a room full of old paper files, you can gain yourself an entire office that used to be wasted storage space. The scanned records will also last much longer – and the universe will give you bonus points for recycling all of that old paper!


For businesses in Texas, paper shredding services are a sound investment. To learn more about how these services can help your company, visit ShreddingHouston.net.