Paper Shredding Texas

Have a Company Paper Shredding Event

Many companies have an annual “clean up” day or week when they ask their employees to clean up their desks and get ready for the new fiscal year. Sometimes it coincides with the new calendar year, sometimes it kicks off a big new project, or sometimes it happens whenever the mood strikes management. The next time your company does a major clean up, be sure to make paper shredding part of the plans.

Cleaning out your desk drawers and getting rid of old files you no longer need is a great feeling. You clear space for new projects and get rid of unnecessary clutter. You will be amazed with how much is accumulated once everyone gathers up the closed files, out of date advertising flyers, old phone books, and other useless paper that has been stuffed into drawers and filing cabinets over the past year. 

Make the Purge Easy & Quick

Paper shredding protects you not only from legal liability; it also protects you from corporate espionage. Most businesses worry about protecting their clients’ personal and financial information, but don’t forget that even notes from in-house meetings and memos regarding future sales campaigns should be shredded. You don’t want your competitors to get their hands on that information! 

To turn your annual office clean up into a paper shredding party, contact a paper shredding service in your area and arrange to have several extra containers delivered to your office. Place them throughout your building so that your employees can easily purge their desks or cubicles by dumping all of their unnecessary papers into bins located nearby. At the end of the day, the shredding company will destroy all of the paper for you and document the destruction of the documents.

If you have never used a paper shredding company before, arranging a “Paper Purge Day” at your office is a great way to try out the service. You will be surprised by how much paper you produce in just a year’s time, and destroying what you don’t need is essential. To learn more about Paper Shredding Services in Texas, visit