E-Waste & Houston Shredding Resources

Businesses have a variety of office disposal needs, such as hazardous waste, electronics, and paper. Some of these waste items can be recycled, some must be disposed of according to strict guidelines designed to protect the environment, and some must be handled in a special way to protect privacy. If you are a business in Houston faced with a mound of paper to destroy, Shredding Houston’s On-Site Shred service offers document destruction that is bonded and insured.

For disposal of electronic parts and computers, Houston area businesses can co contact the following resources that specialize in disposal and recycling:


7700 Kempwood Dr
Houston, TX 77055
(713) 869-6700

Compucycle will collect, inventory, and audit all of your computers and monitors.  They provide data destruction to Department of Defense standards and 24/7 web surveillance. They will also collect cell phones and PDA’s as well as other office small electronics. Their no landfill policy ensures maximum recycling of all electronic equipment.

West Park Recycling Drop Off Center

5900 West Park
Houston, TX
Collection Hours: Monday-Sat. 8:00-5:00

This community drop-off recycling center handles all types of recycling and will accept up to five electronic components per individual each month, including televisions, VCR’s, computers, printers, and other small appliances.

Eagle Electronics

9807 Honeywell Drive
Houston, TX

Eagle Electronics is an electronic recycling and waste disposal company that will schedule regular pick-up and delivery or a one-time stop depending on your company’s needs. They provide Department of Defense standard data removal and destruction of hard drives. The company will purchase all types of obsolete electronics, including cell phones, telephone systems, cable, computers, alloys, and peripherals.

Evans Brothers Houston Computer Recycling

2121 Brittmoore, Suite 1700
Houston, TX

This family owned business accepts all home electronics and household electronics at their drop-off location from 9:00-5:00 Mondays-Thursdays and 9:00-2:00 on Fridays. They will arrange pick-up from businesses and pay per pound for all scrap computers, monitors, and components. They provide complete hard drive destruction and certification for all your sensitive files.


2121 Brittmoore Road, Suite 3500
Houston, TX

Technocycle will pick up anything from a single PC at your home to a truckload of electronic equipment from your office building. They will help liquidate your surplus business IT assets through resell or consignment or recycle what can’t be sold or redistributed. Data destruction is maintained to Department of Defense standards. They also accept many types of medical equipment if you call ahead to confirm. 

Businesses in the Houston, Texas area are fortunate to have a good selection of services to assist them with electronic waste disposal, paper shredding, and document destruction. Make use of these companies to help protect the land, air, and water from hazards and to help reduce needless contributions to landfills.

For more information on paper shredding in Houston, visit shreddinghouston.net